Authors, writing, and publishing links.

This is a small selection of sites and resources that I find of interest.

Enjoyable authors

  • Alastair Reynolds - British science fiction writer and scientist
  • Andy Remic - British grimdark, scifi, and fantasy writer
  • Ben Bova - futurist and author of many classic scifi and hard scifi works
  • Brandon Sanderson - author of the Mistborn series and much more
  • Brent Weeks - creator of the Night Angel trilogy (eg Way of Shadows)
  • CJ Cherryh - terrible site, but for a brilliant author of many scifi/fantasy classics (eg Chronicles of Morgaine)
  • Dan Simmons - author of the superb Hyperion Cantos
  • David Brin - scientist, and author of the Postman and the Uplift series
  • Greg Bear - classic scifi (eg Eon) plus modern scifi/military sf including some Halo and Star Wars
  • Iain M Banks - writer of Matter, Player of Games, and more scifi and space opera
  • Joe Abercrombie - amazing fantasy author of the First Law trilogy (eg the Blade Itself)
  • Joe Scalzi - writer of the superb Old Man's War and the disappointing Redshirts
  • Joanna Penn - author of many thrillers, including the Arkane and the London Crime series
  • Michael Moorcock - creator of Elric of Melnibone, one of the greatest fantasy characters ever
  • Mur Lafferty - Hugo award winning author and podcaster
  • Tobias Buckell - author of many fantastic scifi and fantasy works
  • Ursula K LeGuin - the Earthsea Trilogy, what more needs to be said?
  • William Gibson - scifi writer, responsible for the revelatory Neuromancer

Writing advice and industry chat

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